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Reliably Providing Pest Control Treatments in Greater London

If you have unexpected guests in your home and would like to stop them, we are just a call away. At Viable Pest Control, we understand just how worrying and stressful these pests can be. This is why we offer first-rate insect control and pest control treatments to homeowners throughout Greater London, giving you peace of mind knowing that your property is free from the pests.

Call Upon Our Expertise

Whether you’ve discovered droppings, heard unusual sounds, or uncovered any other unfamiliar findings, we’re ready to assist you. We’ll arrange for a home visit to be carried out so that we can complete a survey, enabling us to identify the issue. From this, we’ll establish the pests you have and how minor or how extreme the problem is.

Once we’ve determined how to treat the infestation, we’ll provide you with a free quote. We’ll then start the pest control treatment to be carried out if the date and time is suitable for yourself.

Meeting Your Requirements

No matter the size of your property, be it a small flat or a family home, we’re here to help you. Simply get in touch with our experts to find out which one of our pest control services are best suited to your needs. As these unwanted critters and creatures can crop up at any time, which is why we offer a 24-hour service all year round, meaning that we’re on hand at all times whenever you need us.

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